Roadway Clearing

  • Outstanding References.
  • A member of SIMA, the Snow and Ice Management Association for 15 years.
  • Badged to perform services airside at Manchester Boston Regional Airport.
  • Impressive fleet of equipment including loaders, plow trucks and ice control spreaders.
  • No other company has the resources, trained personnel and financial stability.

Parking Lot Clearing

  • Small to large office complexes, industrial facilities and medical/healthcare facilities.
  • Small to large retail sites including large regional malls.
  • For our spectrum of work we focus on southern New Hampshire, northern Massachusetts, and southern Maine.
  • Specialize in sites that are both demanding and challenging.
  • Stockpile our own salt, sand and ice melt products in 5 locations.
  • Snow relocation and snow hauling.
  • Full time professional winter office and field staffing to respond to unanticipated demands.

Anti-Icing and De-Icing

  • Anti-icing in both solid and liquid forms are applied before, during or after winter conditions hit.
  • Anti-Icing applications prevent snow and ice from bonding to the pavement.
  • Anti-Icing allows for thorough removal of snow and ice thereby reducing the need for reactive de-icing applications.
  • De-Icing applications are made using various products depending on the site requirements and weather conditions.
  • Certified Maintenance Services, Inc. is one of a few companies that has a Master Certification for the Green SnoPro Certification through the DES/UNH. If we provide salting using the best management practices for winter road, parking lots and sidewalk maintenance, then there is limited liability for slips & falls.

Sidewalk Clearing

  • Vast array of mechanized sidewalk clearing equipment.
  • Own and employ 4 wheel drive Bobcat’s, Workcat’s and Ventrac’s with multiple attachments (narrow plow blades, rotary brooms, snow blowers and mechanized ice spreaders).
  • Sites are checked during and after a storm.


  • Utilizing web-based services to monitor, predict, and communicate winter weather events.
  • This information aids us in “calling” the onset of a snow or icing event, mobilizing our staff, and pinpointing the time to initiate final clearing.
  • 24/7 preparedness in winter weather.
  • Staff creates and maintains detailed weather files during the winter season and archives them for future reference.


  • Fleet consisting of plow vehicles, loaders with containment plows, sand/salt units and specialty equipment.
  • Equipment list is large and consists of late model or new equipment.
  • Year round and snow removal only equipment.
  • Certified owns its’ equipment and has the financial stability to do so.